5 Tips for Buying a Leather Jacket in 2024

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Tips for Buying a Leather Jacket

Everyone is a beginner at something. If you're doing your research before buying a leather jacket, good for you! Here are 5 tips to consider before you buy.

Avoid Chemically Treated Leather

If you’re buying a pricey item, you’re less likely to see this. At the higher price bracket you’ll be dealing with differences of grain, while quality is pretty high. At this point, it’s more about which look you enjoy and how it feels to wear and touch.

When you feel the leather, it should feel smooth and soft. If it feels oily or looks like plastic, then avoid it at all costs.

Keep Details in Mind

You want to look at every detail of the jacket to determine its quality. When designers create their jackets, if they are looking to create a high-quality piece, they rarely skimp on the details. Usually the first thing to go is the zipper. If you see a good quality zipper, you can bet that the leather jacket is quality. Additionally, the leather's production process can also be a crucial factor in determining the overall quality of the jacket.

After you’ve checked the zipper, check the lining (since there are various types of linings). You want to know if there are two layers to the inner lining, one for the body and one for the sleeves.

When choosing a garment lining, consider texture. Opt for smooth linings for comfort and a seamless look. Different types of lining can offer different textures.

Does it Fit Right?

You want the jacket to be tight, but you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style.

You should be able to bend your arms comfortably, even jump around like an animal. If you choose the right leather jacket style, it will work with you. If you plan on wearing a dress shirt with your leather jacket, prepare yourself by bringing a dress shirt to buy your new jacket.

If you wear a t-shirt instead of a hoodie, you run the risk of buying a jacket that is too tight.

Color is Important

leather jacket colors

It’s safe to go with black and brown. Everyone understands that leather jackets are black or brown. Unleash your inner fashion icon and elevate your style game with the ultimate guide on how to pair leather jackets for a effortlessly chic look. Anything outside of that and you’ll be turning heads more than usual. It also doesn’t let you get away with wearing the same thing every day. People will start to know you as the guy with the red jacket. This could be cool. Just be careful with the color of your jacket, because it will be one of the first things people notice and last thing they remember.

Price Isn't Everything

Just because something fetches a high price doesn’t make it the best. The same goes for cheaper jackets. It ultimately comes down to your discernment and taste. You can find extremely high quality jackets for a good price, you just have to know how to look. Hopefully we have given you some insight into your search for the perfect leather jacket.

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