Guide for different types of leather

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Guide for different types of leather




Most preferred type of leather. Readily available, thick, durable and easy to maintain. Cost-effective, and relatively soft.


Smooth and soft fine grain, easily available, strong yet flexible and water resistant. Light weight and resilient leather.


Thin and plush leather, extremely comfortable, soft and light-weight but delicate to use. Mostly used in garments and purses. Sheepskin shearlings can be used with wool inside and leather outside.


Highly resilient, abrasion resistant and naturally water friendly. It is stretchable and breathable. Very strong leather yet soft and supple.

Grain Vs Split Leather

Full Grain

Top layer of the leather with only the hair removed.
Mostly used for Aniline leather and semi aniline leather.


It is the inner and least fibrous layer of the leather.
It is referred to as split leather, split velour or suede

Qualities of Leather

1. Aniline Leather
2. Semi-Aniline
3. Milled Leather
4. Nappa
5. Split Leather

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