Women’s Shearling Coats and Jackets

    Women’s Shearling Coats and Jackets

    Shearling coats provide both a fashion statement and a functional layer. You may get the same classy look if you take care while wearing it. Typically, goatskin leather is used, but other skins can also be used if you desire a truly personalized leather jacket.

    A shearling jacket keeps you warm without sacrificing style. Despite the limited number of options for accessories, women's jackets and coats have a wide range of styles.

    Whether it's Caitlan's Shearling Long Coat or Shearling B-3 bomber jackets or timeless shearling sheepskin coats with Fox fur trim hoodie coat styles, we design jackets that compliment women's sense of style, personalities, and lifestyles. Aside from keeping you warm, their plush, furry surface adds an air of class and effectiveness to your clothing.

    Is Shearling a Good Investment?

    Yes, Shearling jackets are undoubtedly the best investment. Shearling coats are available in a range of lengths and styles, from floor-length to cropped ones.
    The majority of shearling coats are passed down through the generations despite the higher initial cost because of their durability and toughness.
    They are Warmer than other jackets, and less heavy than real fur. Coats made of shearling are simple to maintain. Cleaning agents designed for other surfaces can be used to remove dirty or discolored coverings.

    The Most Effective Way to Clean a Shearling Jacket

    Less is more when it comes to cleaning full grain shearling jacket. Spot cleaning is advised as often as feasible. The best cleaning technique for full grain shearling is spot cleaning with Castile soap or a mild detergent rather than submerging it in water. 

    When the stain has been removed, wrap the shearling jacket in a big bath towel to soak up any moisture, and let it air dry.

    Our Collection of Shearling Jackets for Women at Lusso Leather

    We have a great selection of luxurious shearling coats for women in our online store. They are available in a variety of attractive designs, colors, lengths, and cuts. We provide products of the highest quality that are long-lasting and will fit you well.

    Why Buy a Shearling Coat?

    They completely shield you from the elements. Your collar can be turned up to help shield the wind. Particularly in more intimate situations, several of the finest shearling jackets provide a dressier substitute for the traditional real goatskin leather coats.  

    Types of Shearling

    The most popular sheepskin pelts include

    • Toscana shearling 
    • Merino shearling
    • Tardigrada shearling
    • Tornado shearling

    How Can You Tell a Real Shearling?

    Pull the wool carefully away from the lining. If your sheepskin is full grain, the underneath will be smooth and look similar to leather or suede and the wool won't peel off easily.

    You won't have to exert much effort to remove the pile when your sheepskin is faux, and the visible backing most likely has a woven structure.

    Is Shearling Wool Easier to Care For Than Fur? 

    One more thing to think about in contrast to other fur items should be considered before you run out and buy a shearling wool coat for yourself. Keep Your Wool Coat Clean on a regular basis, Hang It Safely, and protect it from Excessive Heat.

    The Shearling Jacket for Women We Offer at Lusso Leather

    This winter, we have some of the trendiest shearling coats to offer. Women's shearling coats and jackets are among the greatest clothing options available at our online store. You will undoubtedly adore our greatest hues and designs, which are offered in every size, so check them out right now.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Are shearling jackets worth it?

    YES, they are, without a doubt, the most long-lasting and warmest coats available.

    Are shearling jackets still in Trend?

    Shearling jackets are constantly in trend because of their timeless reputation, which makes them the perfect investment item. This is an important consideration while shopping for things that you may like.

     Which is better: sheepskin or shearling?

    The quick answer is that shearling is the procedure of dyeing and polishing sheepskin while the fur is still attached. An authentic shearling coat seems to be the finest and most sought-after outerwear option available today.

    Where does the best shearling come from?

    Although shearling pelts are manufactured all over the globe, the finest ones could be found in Spain.

    Are shearling and fur the same?

    The sheepskin that has been recently sheared is known as shearling. By tanning and coloring, the skin with the wool still attached, shearling is made for a variety of uses. Because the wool is still there after processing, it is classified as a fur product.

    Are shearling coats heavy?

    The end product is heavy, soft, organic fleece fabric that is fairly dense on the inside and has a thick outer layer.

    What is faux shearling?

    Sherpa is a kind of fabric that is frequently referred to as "fake shearling," and it may be created from polyester (fleece), acrylic, or cotton.

    How do you style a shearling jacket?

    Keeping your fashion simple and wearing your shearling jacket with pants, a T-shirt, and shoes is the ideal way to highlight the qualities that set it apart from other coats.