Types of Leather Jackets: How to Select the Best Leather Jacket Style

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Types of Leather Jackets: How to Select the Best Leather Jacket Style

Leather jackets for men are often considered cool and iconic. They have been popularized on the big screen by actors such as Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, and Brad Pitt. However, in real life, some men may feel out of place wearing a leather jacket. But this shouldn't discourage you from incorporating leather into your wardrobe. There are many trendy leather outfit ideas that don't involve a full leather jacket.

However, it need not be the case. Everyone can select the perfect leather jacket; the first step is to grasp the various possibilities accessible in addition to the history behind them. This is why we've outlined the main categories, including different types of leather jackets, everything from the biker to the bomber, and so on, and provided our favorites for the upcoming season from a variety of companies. There are also some styling hints included. Here is all you need to learn to pull off the toughest piece of menswear, without further ado.

A Guide To Leather Jacket Style

Taking a look at the men's leather jacket styles, as mentioned in their best leather jacket guide, we will analyze the various types of leather jackets that we have available today.

Aviator Jacket

Aviator Jacket

Like Bomber Jackets, men's Aviator jackets are historically related, and both have contributed to the development of leather flight jackets. Men's aviator jackets are frequently made of shearling and other materials that either entirely or partially line them in wool.

These jackets were the go-to items since they served their purpose well and provided excellent warmth in subfreezing conditions.

Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket

The traditional Bomber leather jackets could be characterized as having a zipper, front pockets, knitted cuffs, and a belt. Men's leather bomber jackets often referred to as flight jackets, have a lengthy history dating back to World Wars One and Two, when it was important to keep fighter pilots and crew warm.

This was especially important while flying with uninsulated cockpits at great heights. The colors, materials, and finishes of today's versions of this design leather jacket have changed over time.

Biker Jacket

Biker Jacket

Any man's wardrobe would be incomplete without a leather jacket, but men's biker leather jackets in particular are the item that is still in trend today. Its two subcategories, Double Riders and Café Racers are a particular type of leather jacket for men.

Double Riders Style

Double Rider style

The off-center zipper front closure of this specific style of men's leather jacket, intended to improve wind proofing, can be used to identify it. Including the cropped body that is belted at the waist, slash pocket, shoulder epaulets, zipper cuffs, and more. 

All these things add to the classic style standard known as Double Riders' enduring appeal.

Café Racers Style

café racer style

The distinctive characteristics of Café Racers, a subset of the traditional Biker Leather Jackets, include their recognizable round collar, centralized front zipper, and straightforward design.

It's important to note that the term "Café Racer" originated from a fascinating historical account of young people who visited cafes and were famous to wait for a chance to compete against inspired persons in motorcycle races.

Café Racer earned its name from the union of cafes and young racers.

Puffer Jackets

leather puffer jacket

The coats are most commonly known as Puffer Jackets, although they are sometimes referred to as Quilted Jackets. A specific variety of coats distinguishes itself by visibly incorporating quilting into the pattern and highlighting "puffy" portions between the stitching.

As a means of providing insulation, these voluminous parts are typically stuffed with down and, in certain instances, synthetic fibers. Accessible in a variety of colors and sizes, with a description of the kind of down that's also utilized in its construction.

Or, in the case of jackets made of synthetic material, the level of warmth continues to be a primary concern for this category of the garment.

Faux Leather Jackets

faux leather jacket

As its names imply, faux leather is a material that is false yet looks and feels like leather. However, in comparison to other kinds of leather, it is not as durable and is not as soft or supple.

The fact that this kind of leather is a "fake" makes a section by itself the most required, even though it might have been included in the points that came before.

This sort of leather, which is also referred to as Vegan Leather, has been making waves in recent times as an answer to the widespread problem of animal cruelty all over the world. 

Even though this solution is up for debate, many people believe that it is the better option out of the two that are available, while an even larger number of others believe the contrary.

It is reasonable to say that although it poses a threat to the environment, it is still a form of leather that can be purchased almost anywhere. Because of this, it is considered to be a sort of leather that can be used on its own.

Leather Blazers

leather blazer

Blazers are one of the essential items that serve as a solid basis for every man's wardrobe. Blazers for men, typically a Navy Blue garment with brass buttons, have also changed throughout time.

The truth that it is currently offered in a variety of colors and materials has a significant impact on their evolution. Men's Leather Blazers are a wardrobe need for every man because leather is a material that is widely used.

Trench Coats

trench coat

Trench coats served as shielding outerwear throughout the war and were created exclusively for Army Officers. They were worn throughout the war, particularly when moving into trenches, in rainy and harsh weather.

Men's trench-coats have developed from a strictly practical piece of outerwear to include leather trench-coats, which are distinguished by their distinctive silhouette, frequently a belted, knee-length outerwear garment made of a heavy-duty, water-proof material that is also insulted.

It has additional intricacy and depth thanks to the Raglan sleeve and flaps, which are currently seen as a status symbol by many.

Hooded Leather Jackets

hooded leather jacket

Who would have guessed that a jacket's hood would cause a stir and drastically alter how any kind of apparel is worn? Almost any form of the jacket with a hood qualifies as a hooded jacket, which comes in a variety of styles and serves a variety of purposes.

Particularly hooded leather jackets have helped this style of jacket evolve since they provide both style and functionality, making them an essential item for every man's wardrobe.

Leather Vests

leather vest

An excellent substitute for people who like wearing leather clothing or who want just a hint of leather in their new-look wardrobe. Leather vests are a pleasant option for warm areas and are equally adaptable. A sleeveless dress with a simple design that works well as a blank canvas for creating several distinct outfits.

Men's leather vests come in a variety of designs, some of which have no fastening at all while others have a button or zipper closure. Additionally, you may purchase them in a wide range of hues, sizes, and designs, from simple and traditional to a plethora of others in between.

Fur And Shearling Leather Jackets

shearling leather jacket

Fur and shearling both have a rich history of being used for practical purposes; but, in more recent times, they have also developed into fashionable addictions that can be made to virtually any outfit. 

A sheepskin or lambskin that has been shown to obtain a short, trimmed fur surface is known as shearling.

Shearling is a popular lining material used in winter jackets and coats due to its excellent insulation properties. It is often used as the lining of the inner shell, but it can also be found completely enveloping the whole item, including the hood, making a even warmer and cozier. Shearling is a natural material that provides effective insulation, making it an excellent choice for cold weather outerwear. 

Sheepskins and lambskins that have been left to grow longer and then processed into fur are called fur. Fur is utilized in the same way that shearling is. These can be fashioned into a variety of jackets, including but not limited to aviator jackets, bomber jackets, and biker jackets.

Suede Jackets

suede leather jacket

There's a good chance that suede jackets are among the most sought-after outerwear items on the entire planet. Suede jackets, like many other kinds of leather jackets, have developed a great deal over the years.

For this reason, they enjoy traits such as timelessness, style, and versatility, particularly since their rebirth in a light that is more current.

Despite being among the few pieces of outerwear that are easily damaged, suede jackets have become increasingly popular due to their luxurious appearance and feel in today's culture.

Yes, simply because they have porous surfaces, these jackets can readily absorb scents and liquids, which can then result in discoloration. Despite this, the demand for suede jackets as well as their popularity is continually on the rise.

Nubuck Jackets

nubuck leather jacket

Nubuck jackets are one of the numerous methods to get an opulent style because of their plush, high-end texture. Due to a few visual and tactile similarities, they are frequently mistaken for suede. However, the two have a lot of distinctive characteristics.

Simply put, Nubuck is a leather that lasts longer than Suede. Primarily because it is heat- and water-resistant. Nubuck leather is produced from top-grain animal hide. It might have a higher level of longevity than Suede for this reason.

From a stylistic perspective, Nubuck is utilized to create both purses and coats. Utilizing Nubuck to add panache to your appearance makes styling easy.

Varsity Jackets

leather varsity jacket

Historically, Letterman jackets have also been called Varsity jackets. Deeply entwined with the academic and athletic cultures found in many high schools around the world. 

Back in the day, there was a small variation between letterman and varsity jackets due to the use of various materials.

Varsity Jackets were created from leather between the sleeves and the body of the jacket, while Letterman Jackets, also known as Letterman Sweaters, were made of wool. The lines between the two, however, have become less distinct as this fashion classic has evolved.

Varsity Jackets are recognized by their distinctive ribbed band collars, along with similar ribbed cuffs and waists, but history reveals that this was primarily a man's style, while women's versions had a similar appearance but added a flap that might be buttoned into a hood.

Trucker Jacket

leather trucker jacket

Trucker jackets, which are generally jean jackets or jackets constructed of denim and date from the late 19th century, are another style that has stood the test of time and are considered an enduring classic.

Among all ages, a jacket that is suitable for both men and women has seen a rapid rise in popularity. In the late 1880s, it was designed for cowboys, miners, and railroad workers to wear.

Since the Trucker jacket was first launched, it has undergone numerous modifications, like the Black Trucker Shearling Jacket, but it is still made from denim.

This style has been given a modest yet visible update thanks to the availability of these jackets in a variety of different colored denim in addition to pieces of denim that have a variety of different washes and finishes.

Leather Peacoats

leather peacoat

Although the traditional peacoats can be traced back to the Navy, throughout its history, this timeless piece has undergone significant transformations in terms of its hues, length, and its hardware, as well as the materials that it is made of, such as leather.

There is no question that the structure and intricacy of peacoats have been preserved; nonetheless, this ageless classic has undergone a style update that many people find to be to their satisfaction.

Field Jacket

The field jacket is a lightweight to medium-weight clothing that can be identified by its four front pockets. It was created in the 1940s for army purposes and was first worn by soldiers. 

These were designed to help soldiers carry their supplies without the requirement for a cumbersome bag to get in the way.


Often referred to as Windcheaters, they are lightweight jackets made of cloth that are meant to withstand moderate precipitation and breezy conditions. It is typically composed of synthetic materials since it is a lightweight jacket. 

Windbreakers do provide some level of heat and come in a variety of colors. Additionally, you have the choice of purchasing one with a hood or selecting a design that comes with a hood that can be removed.

Track Jackets

If you're familiar with tracksuits, which are coordinated sets of pants and jackets designed for athletics and frequently worn by athletes, then track jackets will be more understandable to you. Tracksuits consist of matching pants and jackets. 

Track jackets, like tracksuits, are commonly seen on people who are not participating in athletic events. Track jackets are traditionally worn both before and after the competition.

Track jackets, which may be layered over a wide variety of other garments, have given street style, and even grunge a touch of their distinctive flavor by the way they are worn.

They have progressed over time to allow their significance in the times in which we live, delivering both function and style for everyone.

Duffle Coats

duffle coat

The word "duffle" refers to a thick and coarse wool material usually used to construct duffle and duffle coats.

The name comes from a town located in Belgium known as Duffle. In the 1850s, this outerwear item, which is often characterized by a hood and secured by toggles, rose to widespread popularity in Europe. 

However, by the 1890s, they were beginning to be provided to the British Navy. Following World War II, these coats and jackets were referred to as government surplus material and eventually made their way into civilian clothing, including that worn by students. 

These days, duffle coats are sold in a bewildering assortment of colors, coat lengths, and features to choose from. As a side note, the same material that is used to make duffle bags is also used to make duffle coats.

The Best Animal Skin for A Leather Jacket

Within the realm of different kinds of leather, this represents one of the initial stages that must be completed to wrap the animal from whom the leather is extracted and created. 

Sheepskin, lambskin, goatskin, cowhide, buffalo skin, deerskin, elk skin, and even the skins of pigs, alligators, snakes, frogs, kangaroos, ostriches, salmon, lizards, and horses are all potential candidates for this category.

What Are Different Leather Grades?

At this stage, the grain of the leather might also play a role in the selection process for the type of leather to be used. This has an effect not only on the aesthetic of a leather jacket but also on how it feels to wear and how much it weighs.

When you are shopping for a leather jacket, it will be beneficial for you to inquire about the many types of leather, including full-grain leather, top-grain leather, real leather, and bonded leather.

The Characteristics Of A Good Leather Jacket

Stitching, hardware, and the overall feel of the leather should be able to provide a good indication of the quality of a leather jacket. To ensure that the jacket is of high quality, it must have tidy and firm stitching, strong and lasting hardware, and an easy, comfortable feel from the leather.


You now have a comprehensive rundown of the many types of leather coats and jackets based on the types of hides and skins, completes, and selection, not to mention the numerous styles that are frequently deeply rooted in history, that were either invented during a major event, significant turning points in history, or creative reinventions that draw inspiration from a glorious past.

While this article primarily discussed men's leather jacket styles, we also compiled a women's leather outfit guide as well.

Whether it is men's or women's leather outerwear, stunning leather jackets that are timeless classics have changed our idea of fashion to a more profound extent than any other type of leather jacket.

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