Craft Unique Jackets with Your Choice of Colors, Luxurious Fabrics, Exquisite Embroidery, Distinctive Logos, and More! Tailored for Any Quantity - Your Style, Your Way!

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Express Your Individuality

Do you remember a time in your life when you knew you looked awesome. You felt like you were winning at life? Confident. Smoooooth. And looking fiiiiiiiine.

These moments are rare for some… But for our “Lusso Leather Gang”... they happen on-the-daily.


Simply put: these leather jackets aren’t just leather jackets…

They’re the KEY to looking and feeling your best self.

Sure, you can go and buy a leather jacket from anywhere, and sure, you can spend a small fortune on one that doesn’t fit just right, but... is it the jacket you really wanted?

Chances are, no (...sadly.)

That’s why here at the Lusso headquarters, we urge you to treat your leather jacket as an investment piece. Don’t cut corners on what will be yours (or a lucky somebody’s) NEW favorite piece of clothing. 

Customize Now

Here’s the thing: Everybody has that ONE piece of clothing they know and love…

For some people, it’s a winter coat, or a favorite pair of footwear. For others, it’s a one of a kind leather jacket that fits perfectly. 

You see, no single item of clothing screams "Badass" like a leather jacket. In fact, an entire outfit can be built around your new well-fitted leather jacket. It’s the piece of clothing that WILL without a doubt last you years. And the best part? It looks just as good… if not better in 5, 6, 10 years later down the line as it did brand new.  

Maybe its that one jacket from that movie or show that you always wished you can get

Or an old worn out jacket that you want replicated

Or an heirloom peice that means something to you

Or a jacket showing off your brand or company logo

Custom Fitted

The best part is that every jacket is tailored from scratch according to your body measurements. Petite. Tall, Short, Plus size or Any size.

We will guide you through the process of taking your body measurements to get your jacket tailored to fit you perfectly and flatter you, regardless of your body shape and size.

Custom Design

There really are no limits! You can get as creative as you want.

We guide you through our entire proven jacket-building process.

Plus, if you need extra guidance, we even offer design consultation so you can discuss how to make your dream jacket a reality. Can’t beat that!!

So, if you’re looking for a top quality jacket that fits just right…

The bottom line is: Become your own Leather Jacket Architect today.

Inspiration from some of our Custom Creations

These are some photos from the 1000s of custom jackets we have created over the years