Different Types of Lining Materials Used For Jackets - Infographics

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Different Types of Lining Materials Used For Jackets - Infographics


The type of lining is structurally and fashionably important for the jacket, as it adds structure and weight to it. A jacket with lining is heavier, warmer and has a thick look thus it lays nicely over the body contours.
The lining provides a smoother and clean finish to the jackets by concealing interlinings, raw edges and padding and it also extends the life of the jacket.

Different materials are used for Linings like:

Taffeta - fine, crisp, plain-woven fabric having lustrous surface and is usually associated with luxury garments
Types- yarn dyed and piece dyed.

Cons- wrinkles and creases easily , difficult to iron, Gives cooler touch on first wear.

100% Cotton - natural breathable fabric that is perfect for linings, imparts a luster finish and reduces wearing strain on the jackets.

Cons- wrinkles easily and also shrink after washing

Poly-Cotton – a harmonious blend of polyester and cotton, strong as well as long-lasting and it is wrinkle free.

Cons- uncomfortable for wearing for long periods of time, unable to sustain high temperatures.

Fleece - soft and fluffy lining that offers the warmth of wool but without the weight. Dries quickly, can also be machine washed.

Cons- Doesn't breathe well, not windproof . can only be used with a wind and water resistant outer shell. generates lot of static electricity prone to collecting dust, lint and pet hair.

Wool Blend - Blend of natural and man-made fibers. Used in clothing that is worn to provide warmth
Cons- requires proper care and maintenance, should be brushed regularly to prevent accumulation of dust and soil. dry cleaned once or twice in a year.
Fake Fur – Made of polyester also called fun fur or faux fur. It is warm and inexpensive and has dense look and has better abrasion resistance.
Cons- not allows the skin to breath, not as insulating as real fur.
- Soft, thick polyester fabric that has similar looks and feels like real sheep skin. Can be hand or machine washed. The fabric has a dense pile, fluffy texture, soft, has density and heat retention.
Cons- straw and dirt stick to this lining.

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