What is Shearling? Understanding the Material Comprehensively

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What is Shearling? Understanding the Material Comprehensively

What is shearling? Shearling is the skin of a newly sheared sheep or lamb that has been tanned and treated, but the wool is still attached. Shearling is one kind of fur. On one side, it is made of suede, and on the other side, it is made of fur that has been trimmed. Usually, the suede side will show on the upper side of the jacket. Real shearling material is not only more flexible and airier than its synthetic counterpart, but the fur itself is also much denser. On the other hand the outside of real shearling is matte and feels a little sticky when you touch it. Authentic shearling is also softer to the touch than its synthetic counterpart.

Since the Stone age, sheepskins have been used as apparel. Over the decades, this material was used for more than just clothing. It was a representation of social rank. It was used for shirts, underwear, hats, and more for both men and women. Shearling was a more contemporary material used for pilot hats during warfare. Then, it started to catch on in the fashion industry. It began to show up among celebrities, in movies, and in other places in the 1940s and 1950s. The uses of sheepskin shearling expanded throughout time and now include boots and footwear like Uggs. This material is perfect for those who spend the winter in cold areas because of its warmth and style.

Is shearling real sheepskin? Shearling and sheepskin, which both refer to the natural hide and wool of the sheep, are mutually inclusive. Most skins have silky wool on one side and suede on the other. Some skins have a leather gloss that is known as "Vintage."

How is shearling made?


Contrary to popular belief, shearling is not sheared wool; rather, it is the sheep's skin that has been tanned while the wool is still attached to it. Sheep are referred to as "shearlings," and a shearling garment is made from the wool of a sheep or lamb that was shorn right before it was killed.

Shearlings are yearling sheep who have only had one shearing. Numerous different sheepskins are often needed to create a single shearling outfit. Nowadays there are several shearling types available in the market.

Do Shearling jackets still look good in 2024?

The camel wool coat, the belted trench, and the practical down-filled puffer all belong on the list of coats that never go out of style. Even in 2024, shearling is quite popular on runways and streets.

While shearling designs do tend to be more contemporary than other true classics, they are also built to endure, so make an informed decision and you'll be wearing yours for years to come.

Womens Shearling coats are as adaptable as possible since they come in a range of lengths and color schemes. However, if you want classic outerwear that goes with everything in your closet, we advise men to stay with color schemes of black, camel, brown, or cream for their mens shearling coats.

How do you take care of a shearling jacket?


It's not always necessary to dry clean shearling jackets or other accessories. Most shearling coats are also waterproof and, with proper care, won't degrade. If your jacket was soaked in the snow or rain, it must be dry at room temperature.

Once they have dried, water stains are easily removed with a brush. Never, ever wash or color a shearling jacket in a washing machine or dryer. It will without doubt damage it.

Make sure your shearling jacket is clean before storing it in the spring and never keep your sheepskin shearling with spots. Use a suede stone or washing brush as an option to remove scuff marks or dirty places.

If you want to know how to clean a shearling coat or jacket, here's what you should do: Start by brushing the inner wool with a dry towel. Then, use a clean, moist towel to wipe away any tough stains from the wool lining. If scrubbing with water alone doesn't remove stubborn stains, try mixing some wool cleaner with the water.

After wearing your shearling sheepskin jacket, it's important to take proper care of the wool lining to ensure its longevity. If the lining is damp, allow it to air dry before flipping the jacket inside out. Avoid laying the jacket near heat or fire, as this can damage the leather. Different types of lining may require different care, so always refer to the care instructions specific to your jacket.

When the jacket is not in use, it must be kept dry to prevent fungal development. Never store a shearling coat in plastic; instead, wrap it in paper or store it in a cardboard box. Always use a strong hanger and hang it freely and naturally. Shearling jackets are completely unaffected by moths and other kinds of insects.

What's the difference between sheepskin and shearling?

difference between sheepskin and shearling


Shearling is the process of tanning and treating the skin of a shearing lamb without cutting its fur. The terms "shearling coat" and "sheepskin coat" are sometimes used and considered synonymous to talk about a coat or jacket made of either shearling or sheepskin.

On the other hand, shearlings and sheepskins are both made from the skin of a sheep. One side is made of leather, and the other is made of wool. For the most warmth, the side with the hide is often on the outside while the side with the wool is on the inside.

FAQs: What is Shearling

What happens if shearling gets wet?

Water should not damage a shearling jacket. A genuine shearling jacket should survive since they are made expressly for rainy conditions.

What is the difference between Sherpa and shearling?

Shearlings are produced from actual animal skin. On the other hand, Sherpa is an imitation version of sheepskin, often known as fake shearling and Sherpa.

Are shearling jackets worth it?

Shearling fashions tend to be edgier than other real classics, but they are also created to be strong and last for a long time. If you choose sensibly, you'll be able to wear your shearling jacket for many years to come.

Final thoughts

We hope that now you have enough knowledge about what is shearling. So, you can invest in them. Shearling coats are excellent investments. They enable us to be warm while dressing elegantly. Because of this, they are also quite expensive. However, you can find high-quality coats at reasonable prices at Lusso Leather. However, if you take good care of your jacket, you may enjoy your purchase for the rest of your days. Shearling trends are never going to end because people love to wear them in winter times.


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