How to Wear a Shearling Coat: Stay Warm in Style

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How to Wear a Shearling Coat: Stay Warm in Style

Are you eager to know, are shearling jackets in fashion in 2024? Then you’ll be enlightened to know that shearling coats have been in and out of fashion for decades. They were popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and have had a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Shearling, in particular, are considered a classic and timeless piece of outerwear that never goes out of style.

Whether they're brand new or vintage, these coats are sizzling. Literally. The best men’s shearling coats are not only a fashion must-have but also an essential cold-weather item due to their sheepskin leather which adds durability and resistance to the elements. In light of the fact that half of the country is still recovering from the Christmas freeze, now would be an excellent time to invest in a warm winter coat.

So, how to wear a shearling coat? We've collected a variety of sizzling ideas to wear shearling coats so you can feel prepared for the harsh winter ahead.

How to Wear a Shearling Coat: Outfit Ideas?

Whether you're looking for the best Shearling coat tips on the market right now or for advice on how to style a shearling coat in a contemporary way, this blog post will help you a lot. We rounded up different shearling coat outfit ideas that are sure to rekindle your enthusiasm to buy this jacket again.

Mysterious in Monochrome

It is a well-known adage that the black-and-white combination can’t go wrong when they are paired flawlessly. Spice up the black women's shearling coat with white bottoms and finish off the look with matching accessories and boots.

Funky look outfit

For a more fashionable look, try pairing these coats with a pair of bright colors or an animal print. Wearing a shearling coat over animal-print shirts and pants is an easy way to look stylish without drawing too much attention to yourself. Incorporating a pair of white leather low-top sneakers into your ensemble will help pull everything together.

Balance out the layering

Jazz up your look with a laid-back shearling coat and light blue denim jeans. But don't forget the most important aspect, proper care for a shearling coat. With proper care and attention, your shearling coat will remain in great condition for years to come.

Choose a light color

When you're in a pinch and need to look cool casually but don't have time to put together a winter outfit, throw on a shearling jacket in a light color with gray plaid chinos. Slip into white canvas high-top sneakers for a laid-back finish to this outfit.

Mix Utility with Luxe

Shearling is a robust material that doesn’t try to conceal its animal origin, but it can be refined and exert a luxurious feel. Before buying a shearling coat, it's important to know the difference between shearling and sheepskin. As a pro shearling coat tip, you don’t need to dress it up too much to look elegant, you can team it with jeans or sweatshirts.

What to Wear with a Shearling Coat for Different Body Types?

Everyone wants to flatter their body type and shearling coat but not everyone knows, let alone how to wear a shearling coat

The key to successfully styling a shearling coat for different body types is finding a happy medium between the jacket's bulk and your own proportions. If you have a short stature, you can make yourself look taller by wearing skinny pants or leggings under the coat.

On the other hand, a curvier figure would look best in wider-leg pants or an a-line skirt. For a dramatic flair, try a longline shearling coat with over-the-knee boots, which will complement your height.

It's worth remembering that a coat should always be the focus of an outfit, no matter your body type. With so many different types of coats available, it's important to understand the difference between materials such as sherpa and shearling. The addition of a bold scarf or belt can give your outfit a welcome splash of color and visual interest.

How to accessorize a shearling coat with the right accessories?

There's nothing better than a winter shearling coat and matching accessories. To finish off the look, throw on a scarf, a muffler, and some sturdy boots. Furthermore, the surest way to look ultra-chic in a shearling coat is to wear simple gold hoops, fashionable sunglasses, and a watch.

The number of ways to accessorize the shearling coat is countless. So whatever your age or body shape, don’t worry there are a lot of styles that will suit you and bring the chicest look to you.

You can pull off any scarf from a tiny neck scarf to a long-striped scarf with the astounding shearling coat to look more put together. For the ultimate elegant and classy look, pair this shearling jacket with fashionable gloves to evoke a feel of luxe and coziness. 

If you cannot stop yourself from wearing a shearling coat this winter or want a brand-new look and feel, pair them with the right trendy accessories like watches, sturdy boots, or mufflers that add more fascination.

FAQs: How to Wear a Shearling Coat

How should a shearling jacket fit?

The fitting of a shearling jacket is going to be a little subjective, but it's best if it fits snugly, albeit with some breathing room given that it's outerwear. In colder weather, you will put on some extra clothing layers, perhaps including a chunky sweater. So there are people who prefer a more tailored and fitted look.

Can shearling be worn in the rain?

Wearing a shearling coat in the rain is not a practical option. A good shearling coat or jacket, however, can withstand the weather elements without suffering any damage. But it is preferred to put it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. You can clean any remaining water spots by brushing them off after the garment has dried. Regular cleaning, such as the proper way to clean a shearling coat, will keep your coat looking new for years to come. Always use tried and tested ways while cleaning or repairing a sheepskin coat.

Is shearling out of style?

Over the past few decades, there may have been many shifts in fashion but one thing that has stayed trendy the whole time is shearling coats. While they may be "in" again now, there's no harm in reminiscing a little by wearing this piece.

Final Thoughts

There are no hard and fast rules regarding how to wear a shearling coat, so you can use your imagination and select an outfit that is most comfortable for you. To help you advance, we've compiled the above-mentioned assortment of distinct ensembles, complete with shearling coats, to throw real style goals your way. We hope you enjoy our assortment of the season's most fashionable shearling coats. 

Note that these are merely suggestions meant to spark ideas; you shouldn't feel constrained to use them as a foundation for your own sense of style and comfort. Leave a comment below and tell us which style you like best. Optimistic winters.

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