What is Shearling Coat? Your Complete Guide for 2024

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what is shearling coats

Shearling has an extensive past. Our ancestors were already making use of it when it became a symbol of social standing. Later, with its popularity both in movies and on catwalks, it's not unusual to ask what is a shearling coat? A shearling jacket is a warm and cozy winter outfit that gives a feel of luxe, made from lambskin through a process called ‘shearing’.

Does everyone covet what is shearling coat made from? Contrary to popular belief, shearling is not sheared wool but rather tanned sheepskin with the wool still tethered to it. The term “Shearling” refers to the sheep. A shearling is a one-shorn yearling sheep, and a shearling coat is made from a sheep or lamb that was sheared just before it was slaughtered. Only one shearling coat can be made from dozens of individual sheepskins.

So, is a shearling coat worth it? The answer is an unequivocal yes when you think about the technical advantages, classic design, and durability. You will, without a doubt, enjoy the shearling coat for a very long time. So, if you're willing to take the plunge and add this timeless piece to your wardrobe, check out our favorite options to buy a shearling jacket right now from Lusso Leather.

Is Shearling the Warmest Coat?

It's hard to think of anything more soothing than a soft, warm coat on a day when the wind is howling, and the temperature has dropped to below freezing. Both long, '70s-inspired robe styles and cropped jackets alike are vying for the title of most popular outerwear item at the moment, and shearling, sherpa or real, is one of the warmest materials out there.

Shearling coats are one of the best insulators found in nature, thanks to their sheepskin leather. But what is sheepskin leather? It is a combination of the hide and the wool and acts as an insulator against the cold weather to make the shearling the warmest coat.

Are Shearling Coats Still in Style in 2024?

Are shearling coats still in style in 2023

As they make more of a statement than any other bona fide classics, shearling coats are still in style in 2024. With the official arrival of jacket season, we can't wait to flaunt the latest and most fashionable coat trends currently available. As the temperature drops, you will require a warmer jacket and shearling coats deserve a place on the list of cool coats that never goes out of style. In addition to being heavenly warm, the shearling jackets are flawless and will uplift any ensemble.

Being concerned about the well-being of your shearling coats determines how long shearling coats last. Pertaining to this, a lot of people wonder about how to care for a shearling coat? Care for shearling is easy; avoid stretching by using a wide shoulder hanger, and to avoid any distortion during storage just button the coat.

A muslin bag is the best option if you need to conceal the coat. To keep it looking neat and presentable, or how to repair sheepskin coats, occasional brushing with a high-quality suede brush is the way to go.

Are Shearling Coats Worth Buying?

Mens Shearling coats are stunning outerwear pieces made to attract attention while keeping you toasty warm. Rather than spending your money on a fake coat that will only last a few months, why not invest in one that will last you a lifetime?

A quality shearling coat is a worthwhile investment. They keep us toasty while permitting us to do so in style. This is why there is such a high price tag attached to them. But if you take good care of your shearling coat, it will last you a lifetime.

Women's shearling coats have always had a soft spot for women, and it's easy to see why: these coats are incredibly warm, even on the chilliest winter days, and they also manage to be both stylish and quintessential.

FAQs: What is Shearling Coat?

Can you wash a shearling coat?

To properly clean a shearling coat, it is important to spot-treat any stains instead of washing the entire coat. Genuine shearling benefits from minimal cleaning and using spot treatment, rather than submerging the coat in water, is the best approach.

After the stain has been removed, the shearling should be rolled in a large bath towel to soak up excess moisture before being hung to dry.

How can you tell fake shearling?

Check the backing of your sheepskin to determine the authenticity of your shearling coat. The underside of a genuine sheepskin will be smooth like leather or suede, and the wool won't rub off easily. However, with fake shearling, the pile will come off without much effort, and the visible backing will likely feel woven.

Do shearling coats shed?

Quality shearlings will not shed. Despite this, the coats' natural origins mean that it is not uncommon for them to feature a few stray hairs or a suede nap, even when they are brand new. There is almost no shedding or pilling after a few wearings.

Final Thoughts

Even though a quality shearling coat can be quite pricey, there are many good reasons to include a shearling coat in your cold-weather wardrobe. Each shearling jacket possesses a range of styling possibilities, much like a miniature universe of fashion options. The leather acts as a total wind block, preventing any wind from entering. Additionally, there is the inside, which is lined with wool.

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