How to Care for a Shearling Coat: Revitalize Your Shearling Coat

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How to Care for a Shearling Coat: Revitalize Your Shearling Coat

Animal skins have been used to make coats from the beginning of time so that humans could stay warm in very frigid climates. Sheep have long been recognized as excellent suppliers of premium pelts. While sheepskin is produced from older animals, true shearling is created from a young lamb. Sheepskin is another name for shearling lambskins. Why is this distinction so important? Because sheepskin feels rougher and less flexible than shearling. 

How do you maintain a shearling jacket? Make sure your shearling jacket is clean before storing it in the spring and never keep your sheepskin with dirt. Shearling coat cleaning and protection are crucial. Use a suede stone or scrubbing brush as an option to remove scuff marks or dirty places. The inner wool also has to be brushed with a dry towel.

How to care for a shearling coat? Taking care of a shearling coat requires special attention to maintain its luxurious feel and appearance. Firstly, it's important to keep it away from moisture and extreme heat as these can damage the coat. Clean it using a soft cloth or brush and avoid using harsh chemicals or putting it through a washing machine. After each use, let it air out and if it gets wet, allow it to dry naturally without exposing it to direct heat or sunlight. During prolonged periods of inactivity, store it in a cool and dry place using a breathable cloth bag. To keep your shearling coat in tip-top shape, have it professionally cleaned and conditioned every couple of years.

Understanding Shearling

Few materials can trace their origins beyond the Stone Age, but shearling has proven durable. Shearling is the hide of a lamb that has been uniformly sheared. As a result, they can be passed down from generation to generation while enduring even the coldest temperatures.

Shearling is a unique material, offering a hardy suede exterior with a naturally curly soft fleece interior. Layering with fleece and tanned outerwear creates a natural contrast. To ensure consistency in color and texture, each section is meticulously matched. 

What's the difference between Shearling and Sheepskin?

Shearling vs Sheepskin: A Comparison of Characteristics.” Both materials are made from sheep skin and used in clothing and accessories, but there are differences in texture, quality, and uses. In this article, we'll explore shearling and sheepskin to help you make an informed choice.





Made from the skin of a sheared lamb, which has the wool still attached to it

Made from the skin of a sheep, with the wool sheared off


The wool side of the hide is on the inside and the leather side is on the outside, creating a warm and cozy interior

The wool side of the hide is on the inside and the leather side is on the outside, creating a warm and cozy interior


The natural insulating properties of the wool help to keep the wearer warm

The natural insulating properties of the wool help to keep the wearer warm


Soft and luxurious, with a smooth and comfortable texture

Rougher and more rugged, with a coarser texture

You can also get an in-depth understanding of the differences between Sherpa and Shearling with our comprehensive blog.

How do you Clean and maintain your Shearling?

  1. When wearing your jacket, immediately wipe up any spills with a new cloth or paper towel. To remove moisture, dab the liquid rather than wipe it with a cloth.

Tip- It could be harmful to rub the shearling coat with a cloth or another material.

  1. Use a steel comb or a suede brush to remove minute dirt spots. Utilize the suede brush to remove any minor stains from the side of your shearling jacket that is smooth suede. To maintain the shearling very smooth and get rid of any dirt clumps, lightly comb the hair with a fine steel comb.

Tip- Thoroughly comb the hair to remove any remaining dirt.

  1. To clean the soiled area of your jacket, dab some detergent on it. Apply a little quantity of mild laundry soap straight to the stain before applying it to your clothing. Use a clean hand towel to gently dab it in, and then remove the soap with a moist cloth.

Tip- Instead of vigorously pressing the soap into the soft sheepskin coat, blot it away to prevent damaging the coat.

  1. Refrain from washing or drying your shearling coat. Even if you wash your coat on a gentle cycle, this might destroy it. To avoid damaging the shearling material, which is susceptible to heat from a dryer in particular, it is essential to adhere to the care label instructions.

  2. Have a professional fur cleaner thoroughly clean your jacket. You may find the care label for your shearling jacket there; it advises you to visit a specialist.

Tip- Shearling may stiffen or alter color if it is improperly cleaned by a standard dry cleaner.

When winter is over, try to get your shearling jacket cleaned before storing it.

Professional Care of a Shearling Coat: How to do it?

A detailed explanation of professional washing and glazing procedures for fur and shearling.

  1. The clothing is examined for objects left in pockets, potential repairs, stains, or embedded materials.

  2. Any proposed repairs or specialty cleaning are communicated to the client for approval.

  3. Next, fur clothing is subjected to a washing and polishing chemical in a large, elaborate slow-tumbling machine.

  4. After the washing process is finished, the clothes are put in a suction cylinder to get most of the cleaning ingredients out.

  5. Compressed air is used to remove the remaining cleaning chemical.

  6. After a final examination, the item is either stored or given back to the client.

How to Style and Accessorize a Shearling Coat in 2024?

In 2024, you may wear your mens shearling coats in a variety of distinctive ways, including wearing a stunning dark or white shearling jacket to emphasize your edgy appearance with a black turtleneck shirt, ragged torn jeans in blue, and black leather ankle boots. Moreover, women shearling coats can be paired with a black turtleneck shirt, torn blue jeans, and black leather ankle boots for a stylish and edgy look. Round sunglasses with mirrors on them will lend the ideal amount of refinement to this ensemble.

FAQs: How to Care for a Shearling Coat

How do I keep my shearling soft?

After each usage, it is preferable to use a soft-bristled suede brush to clean the suede side of shearling coats, shoes, and handbags to remove any loose particles and dirt and maintain the shearling supple.

Should you wear socks with shearling?

Shearling slippers are custom-made, therefore wearing socks is not necessary.

How do you fluff shearling?

The shearling coat should only be softly rubbed with a soft cloth. With a wire brush, you may delicately fluff the inside wool.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, we hope you know how to care for a shearling coat. You could have come to the decision that it's not essential to spend money on a high-quality shearling jacket. A high-quality jacket is pretty easy to maintain. And is very versatile, working well as both a day jacket and a mountain jacket, as well as pretty much everything in between. Just bear in mind that since shearling offers a different sort of protection than other fabrics, it needs a certain kind of upkeep.

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