What is Bespoke Clothing and Made-to-Measure Clothing - Leather Jackets

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What is Bespoke Clothing and Made-to-Measure Clothing - Leather Jackets

Invented as a necessity to keep the body warm and protected from the weather and insects, clothing has evolved from hideous animal skins strewn together into an exuberant art form. Today it is an important device in self-expression, so much so that the fashion industry is one of the largest revenue generating enterprises in the world.

The fundamental human desire to escape mediocrity and create a personalized experience has bled through all aspects of our lives, and now involves clothing as well, which explains the trend in the recent decade of a shift towards custom clothing instead of just buying of the rack.

Choosing MTM or Bespoke wear instead of pre stitched leather is a fine example of the phenomena. It highlights how a standard piece of clothing, which is convenient to buy and wear, is now meant to be seen as a second option in the face of bespoke leather jackets, which involve a lot of time and effort to be invested into the process for a good result.

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Then again, not all degrees of customization are the same. Take made to measure (MTM) and bespoke wear, for example. The two are often confused with each other, sometimes the terms are even used interchangeably, but the two have very subtle differences. It is important to note that although both types of wears allow for customization, but the degree of customization varies for both categories.

MTM clothing begins with a preset defined selection of the raw materials. There is a limited number of colors, leather quality choices, and variation in size that you can choose from. You have to be careful about choosing items which are as close to your measurements and wants as they can be. That will give you a good fit so the clothes don't look unflattering on you.

Every body type is different, so of course there will be specific aspects of the clothes that you would wish were better adjusted to you. A particular set of cufflinks may be a pain for you to wear, or you may wish for no shoulder pads as opposed to the standard inclusion of shoulder pads on your jacket. MTM does not allow for such customizations to be included unless it is stated by the shop beforehand.

Shopping for MTM is also a very commercial orchestration. As a customer, you deal exclusively with a salesperson. There is a degree of choice afforded to you as you can choose from the customization options available, but you have no direct contact with the tailors so you cannot communicate your suggestions to them.

Body Measurements- Bespoke Tailoring

This is where bespoke clothing clears the charts.

This involves customizing to the very last detail of the leather jackets. As a customer, you deal exclusively with your tailor, the person who has to make all the cuts in the fabric and put in all the stitches. Bespoke clothing does not begin from a preset pattern or set of measurements. The customer chooses their own fabric, and is brought in for measurements.

Be sure to take accurate measurements, as the inclination of the back, the shoulder arch, the frame, and posture, everything is taken into account. Unlike MTM clothing where you have to find the closest possible match, every stitch in the bespoke clothing is put anew. This means more time and effort, and thus a hefty sum of money in price. There are multiple sessions for fittings, so all the layers of the jacket are tailored to the customer's notice. None of this is possible with MTM clothing.

The last decade or so has seen a rise in popularity for the bespoke clothing. The affordability factor which allowed it to be exclusive for general public in the past, is being creatively conquered by demolishing brick and mortar stores and bringing the businesses online. Bespoke tailoring businesses have begun offering services to customers regardless of where they live, provided that they send in accurate measurements of the clothing they want to order. This cuts down on the costs markedly, and has thus brought the exclusivity of bespoke clothing to the general public.


As a general rule, MTM clothing affords little to no variation, while custom leather jackets are nothing if not tailored to within each centimeter of the customer's body. With the general trend in fashion moving towards an expression of yourself in what you wear, it becomes understandable that bespoke clothing is rising in demand, and that people want to own one of a kind pieces tailored to their specific selves.

Alongside the rise in custom leather jackets is the increased popularity of couture clothing. For example, dresses in couture are dialed down to the very curves and caresses if the customer's body, accentuating their figure and characteristics. It is the ultimate form of self-expression in clothing. Unlike off the rack dresses, where only standard colors, sizes and styles prevail, couture dresses allow the customers freedom to construct their garments from the very basics.

Most designer houses now include a special couture option, and many online retailers have been begin to do so as well, which had simultaneously less to a reduction in price of the couture items, increased their popularity and allowed for the idea to be brought to affordable mainstream fashion. Even in high fashion, custom wear dominates.

Customization is also at the pinnacle of teenage and hipster wears, and occupies an oversized share in casual clothing. Anything from hats to blazers, to socks to shoes, t shirts and jackets is available of customization. Online stores now even offer to print your personal designs on fabrics of your choice for a minimal, affordable price.

Evolution of printing in textiles and the employment of algorithms which allow small pixels to be recreated in full color on the fabric have changed the game for custom wear, particularly for the styles of leather jackets.  

When it comes to clothing, there are two main options to consider: bespoke clothing vs off-the-rack clothing. While off-the-rack clothing may be more affordable and readily available, it lacks the personalized fit and style of bespoke clothing. Bespoke tailoring allows you to work with a skilled artisan to create a one-of-a-kind garment that is tailored specifically to your body and style preferences.

At Lusso Leather, we specialize in bespoke tailoring for leather jackets and other leather products. Our skilled artisans use only the finest materials and techniques to create custom-made jackets that perfectly fit your body and sense of style.

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