How to Take Body Measurements - A Complete Guide

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How to Take Body Measurements - A Complete Guide
So, you’re ready to invest in a quality new leather jacket but you want to make sure that the fit is just right. And, thanks to the advent of the internet, buying has been never been easier.
With a couple strokes of the keyboard, you can find a premium retailer ready to pack and ship (and even custom build) the perfect item for you. Then, you need only to sit back and wait a couple days for the item to arrive and you can enjoy your purchase.

Here at Lusso Leather, we are just such a premium retailer of quality leather jackets. We are glad you found us and we want to assure you that delivering the best jacket for you is our priority. In order to do this, we have created this body measurement guide to best assist you in ensuring your jacket will fit perfectly and will be something you’ll be proud to wear for many years.

More information can be found in our guide to buying leather jackets.

Our Size Charts

Here you can view our sizing charts for women’s and men’s jackets. For women, we have five measurements: body bust, jacket bust, waist, sleeve, and shoulder.

Measurements Guide

For men, the measurements are body chest, jacket chest, sleeves, and shoulders.

Men Measurement Guide

Please see our sizing guide for more information.

Taking your Measurements

 Jacket Measurement Tape

The best way to take your measurements will be by using a soft tape measure (not the metal construction kind!) It will be easier if you have a friend to assist in you, but if no one is available, just do your best. Simply measure each body section as follows:

Women’s bust size: Hold one end of the tape measure at the fullest part of your bust and wrap it around your back to meet again in front. Measure under your arms. Do not hold your breath, but relax and breath normally. Ensure that the tape remains at equal height (distance from the floor.)

Men’s chest size: Proceed in the same manner as for women, measuring at the widest part of your chest.

Jacket chest size: This refers to the amount of room that the jacket will provide you. A small amount of extra room is given for shirts, sweaters, etc. worn under the jacket.

Women’s waist size: Take the tape measure and wrap the tape around the point of your torso where you normally wear a belt.

women measurements

Sleeves: Start by placing one hand on your hip. Measure starting with one end of the tape at the bottom of your neck and go over your shoulder and down the outside of your bent arm. Continue down to just past your wrist bone to where you’d want your jacket sleeve to end.

Shoulders: This measurement finds the length between your two shoulders. You are looking to best find the point where the top of your arm turns at an angle towards your neck (along your shoulder.) The best way to do this at home may be to put on a dress shirt that fits well in the shoulders. Measure across your upper back from the seam connecting one sleeve of the shirt to the seam connecting the other sleeve.

Everyone is Different

everyone is different

We are all shaped a little differently, with some of us having a little more or less here or there. We’ll delve into the basic different body types next. The important thing is to take accurate measurements so that your new jacket will be a great fit for you regardless of body type!

Our list of best men's leather jackets and most stylish women's leather jackets is also perfect for style lovers and those constantly seeking fresh looks.

As makers of custom leather jackets, we specialize in the creation of leather jackets to match your unique style and fit. We are here to assist you if your sizing needs are different than our standard chart, or if you are unsure about how your jacket will fit.

Additionally, if you need assistance styling your new custom jacket, you can refer to leather jacket outfit ideas. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will ensure that your order is custom made to fit you perfectly.

The Body Types

There are essentially just a few different basic body type categories that pretty much all of us fall into. They are: Inverted Triangle, Triangle (Pear), Hourglass (for women), Rectangle, and Oval. Below are the essential characteristics of each.

Inverted Triangle – Your shoulders, chest/bust are bigger than your hips.

Triangle (Pear) – Your hips measure wider than your shoulders.

Hourglass – Your hips and shoulders are roughly the same size. Your waistline is clearly defined.

Rectangle – Your shoulders, chest/bust, and hips are around the same size as your waist.

Oval – Your mid torso is a bit larger than both your shoulders and hips.

Dressing for your specific body type is a technique that enhances what you have in order to look your best. Regardless of your own unique shape, we can custom build the perfect leather jacket for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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