How to Choose A Leather Jacket: The Ultimate Guide & Tips

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How to Choose A Leather Jacket: The Ultimate Guide & Tips

The leather jacket is a wardrobe must-have for men and women alike. Due to its price, winter leather jackets are usually considered a one-time purchase that will last for many years. It is made to be very flexible, to last a long time, and to be able to do many different things like protecting you from freezing and giving you a lot of styles.

With very few exceptions, the leather jacket looks great with almost everything. This gives it a level of adaptability that very few other pieces of clothing in your closet can claim to have. The quality keeps getting better as time goes on. It will take some effort on your part to choose the right leather jacket to fit your budget and wardrobe.

Furthermore, wearing a leather jacket stylishly requires more than merely throwing it over your shoulder. You can bet it'll be well worth your time and effort, so let's start by answering some basic questions about this classic piece of clothing, the best leather jacket for men.

Go For a Vintage Style

Go For a Vintage Style

When it comes to fashion, a leather jacket is called vintage if its age ranges from around 20 to 100 years. Just the style of the jacket needs to look like it has been worn for decades, not the jacket itself.

There is a clear distinction between antique leather jackets and current leather jackets, and that distinction is that modern leather jackets have updated designs that were not available 2 decades ago. A leather jacket that's more than a century old may be called an antique.

If you like the appearance of the vintage jacket to that of a modern jacket, you may get an incredible vintage style look by donning a jacket that belonged to either your father or your grandfather.

Comfort Versus Trends

It is indisputable that one should dress according to their level of comfort. If you are sporting anything in which you do not feel comfortable, then you are behaving unwisely by doing so.

When you are around a large group of people, you should avoid wearing anything that will make the people around you happy or attract their attention. Instead, you should choose to dress in a manner that makes you feel calm and comfortable.

Leather jackets are the most fashionable and comfortable outerwear there has ever been. However, you need to be cautious about the fitting; if a leather jacket is well tailored to your body, you will exude an air of self-assurance in addition to being attractive.

Why Choose a Leather Jacket?

Why Choose a Leather Jacket?

Coats and jackets made of stronger materials will be difficult to find. Leather jackets that are well-maintained will last for many years. Even if it may have a gouge or a scuff, the actual clothing will not be damaged despite the character-enhancing scrapes and bruises.

And although a top-notch leather coat or jacket might be pricey, considering its lifespan, it can really cost less than any other item in your wardrobe.

It has traditionally been the finest option for motorcycle riders since it often acts as a durable second skin. You might not be protected from the worst cuts, like cuts from sharp materials, but your skin won't be in contact with the ground.

Even if you don't treat it to make it waterproof, it shields you from the elements by blocking the wind and being quite water-resistant.

Your leather jacket will always be in vogue since leather is both lasting and durable. The jacket should also be made of leather that is comfortable and warm. Additionally, it has a very macho vibe to it. The transforming, rough appearance of an outstanding leather jacket could be the best reason to acquire one, since it offers you free reign to feel strong without being ostentatious. It is the one piece of clothing that every man needs to own.

Types of Leather Jackets: A Guide to Popular Styles

The most basic leather jacket is any jacket made of leather, but there are certain styles that have been popular for years.

Aviator Jacket

Aviator Jacket

The aviator jacket, sometimes referred to as a bomber jacket or flight jacket, is based on the brown leather jackets that pilots wore throughout World Wars I and II. It also has front pockets, zippers, knit wrist, waist cuffs, and shearling sheepskin collars and lining, which were meant to keep military pilots warm. When it comes to types of lining materials, shearling sheepskin is a popular choice for its warmth and durability. This aviator jacket also resembles a shearling style leather jacket.

Biker Jacket

Biker Jacket

The apparel used by motorcycle riders had an impact on the kind of leather jacket termed a "biker jacket." This classic style includes an asymmetric zipper closure, a belt, and snap-down lapel collar. It is also known as a biker jacket or moto jacket. After Marlon Brando donned one in the film The Wild One, leather biker jackets—this jacket was originally designed to protect motorcyclists—became popular (1953).

Racing Jacket

Racing Jacket

Leather racing jackets have a stand collar, a fitting, streamlined shape, and frequently include a tiny zipper pocket on one of the chest sides. They are sometimes referred to as café racer jackets or motorcycle jackets. The ideal leather jacket for a simple, stylish look is a racing jacket, which was promoted by European motorcycle jacket designs from the 1960s.



When worn with matching leather slacks, a leather blazer is very eye-catching. Blazers won't keep you as warm as a leather jacket. Because they don't shut completely, unlike other leather coats (they may only have one or two buttons).

Trucker Jacket

Trucker Jacket

Traditionally composed of denim or canvas, trucker jackets often have a shirt-style collar and button fasteners. They look fantastic when dressed in leather and paired with a simple white T-shirt.

What Is the Best Type of Leather for a Jacket?

Best Type of Leather for a Jacket

The leather, which is typically used to produce jackets, is the hide of a mature steer or cow. It's sturdy and durable and takes a while to break in, so it's typically used for more functional clothing.

Deerskin is more suited for usage in warm-weather jackets since it is lighter weight, often yellow or orange in color, and less resistant to damage than thicker leathers. Despite this, it is nonetheless strong and stretches well.

Goatskin: has a characteristic pebbled look, is even lighter weight than deerskin, and goes well over period.

Lambskin: is the most luxurious and expensive leather, yet it is also the most delicate. Because of its suppleness, it is still often used to make leather jackets. However, more raw skins are required to create a single jacket of this size, and the garment's price indicates this as well.

Calfskin: has both qualities of lambskin and cowhide because of its softness like cowhide but strong like lambskin.

Grading or Leather Type

The four quality grades of leather that are widely acknowledged by the industry are full grain leather, top grain leather, genuine leather, and faux leather.

Full-Grain Leather

The best and most durable kind of leather is called a full grain leather jacket. It retains the animal's skin pattern and provides a warm, cozy appearance. Full-grain leather is more durable and breathable than other types of leather since leather is created from the top layer of the cow's skin.

Its surface retains its distinctive qualities, including flaws like pores, wrinkles. since it has never been sanded or polished. The tension of the skin is preserved with little processing, enabling it to maintain its moisture-resistant barrier.

Top-Grain leather

The surface of top-grain leather is the uniformly softest leather jacket. Top-grain leather is often simpler for producers to deal with since it is somewhat lighter than full-grain leather.

Top-grain leather has a perfect texture after being sanded, which eliminates a thin upper layer and gets rid of any imperfections. At this point, any design, including those that resemble snake, alligator, or ostrich skin, may be stamped or embossed on it.

Faux Leather

Although synthetic leather has a consistent surface, faux leather is made to resemble genuine leather. (An item that is manufactured by a machine will have a highly uniform, even texture pattern.) Even in comparison to genuine leather, faux leather has a chilly, artificial feel.

Faux leather merely depresses beneath your finger while maintaining its form, not expanding or wrinkling as genuine leather does when you push your finger on the surface. Faux leather sometimes has a plastic-like odor due to the chemicals employed in its creation.

Which Color Should You Choose?

The most versatile colors are black and brown. If you are buying your first, genuine leather jacket, try to avoid colored leather; at least at first. The black and brown color schemes will be more acceptable, even if they are worn almost every day.

Black Leather Jacket

Black Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket can be worn to convey a variety of messages. For instance, this is the perfect jacket if you want to proclaim to the world that you're a “gangster.” It will convey so much about you, regarding your fortitude and knowledge, while also evoking secrecy and mystery.

On the other hand, you will look fantastic in the jacket if your demeanor is similar to that of a charismatic rock star or someone who forges their path and is the authority.

Brown Leather Jacket

Brown Leather Jacket

A dark brown jacket will complement your look just as well as a black one. However, since Brown is more suburban than Black, it has an advantage over the latter. Additionally, it will complement a wider variety of your belts, shoes, and vibrant pastel-colored shirts.

Both shades of brown light and dark are amazing choices for outdoor events or hangouts. Compared to black leather jackets, brown leather jackets are much more relaxed, making them a great option for daily wear.

Some individuals don't even need to consider the hues of leather jackets. They just want a leather jacket to wear.

How Should It Fit?

How Should It Fit

The shape and fit are very important considerations when you choose a leather jacket. Depending on where you bought your leather jacket, these two factors could either enhance or ruin your likelihood of looking amazing in it.

A jacket's good cut is likely the reason you enjoy the way it looks. The jacket is well-shaped as a result. How the jacket appears to fit you is important when it comes to fit, and this must be determined after trying the jacket on. Fitted leather jackets look beautiful and are super comfortable while wearing.


Make sure the jacket's shoulder seams are parallel to or as near to your shoulder lines as feasible. To sum up, too excessively high or excessively low won't look good.


Check the armholes next; they should be as high and comfortable as possible, just like the shoulders. The higher the armhole, the better it fits. The more the armholes are moved down, the more the jacket will move.


Your jacket's sleeves should terminate at the base of your thumb, just before your palm, or at the finish of your wrist. The width of sleeves shouldn't be too wide or too narrow so that you can easily lift both arms.


Your jacket should be long enough to reach your pants waist. It gives a perfect look to the whole outfit you wear.

Take the Custom Route

If the idea of donning a lot of jackets and visiting the tailor sounds too stressful, there is always another option. You can order a custom leather jacket from Lusso Leather in any of its trendy styles or classic styles. We deal with the best quality and affordable leather jackets.

At a price that fits your budget, you may receive a fantastic leather jacket that is suited to your shape and style, as well as the jacket is still a reasonable bargain for what it delivers. Particularly when contrasted with expensive jackets that cost more than $2,500 and can be completely out of your budget range to acquire.

The length of the jacket, sleeves and even particular alteration needs that are not provided may all be altered.


How can you tell if a leather jacket is good quality?

A leather jacket's quality is determined by factors including stitching, hardware, and leather feel. The jacket's high quality is guaranteed by its tidy, robust stitching, long-lasting hardware, and comfortable leather feel.

Is it better to size up or down in a leather jacket?

From a fashion point of view, it's a good idea to leave your leather jacket's zipper or buttons open. It adds depth and dimension to your look. A leather jacket should only have zippers or buttons that work. When it's cold, it's to keep warm.

What is the lifespan of a leather jacket?

Purchasing a leather jacket is a wise investment since it may endure for 20 to 30 years. However, for them to last so long, they must need proper care, which entails more than simply wrapping them in the wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a leather jacket, one of the key factors to consider is the manufacturing process. At Lusso Leather, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality handcrafted leather garments. Unlike machine-made leather jackets, each of our pieces is carefully crafted by skilled artisans with years of experience in the leather industry. To learn more about the differences between handcrafted and machine-made leather garments, check out our guide on handcrafted vs machine-made leather garments.

We hope that our easy and simple leather jacket buying advice was helpful to all of the prospective buyers out there. You'll be able to get a leather jacket with more knowledge if you consider all the variables mentioned above. This will also affect the quality of a leather jacket as well as the price, which you can now access and defend.

The price of a jacket will decrease when any of the criteria do not follow the statements made above. If they compromise  on the leather jacket's quality and durability.

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