Master the Art of Wearing Colored Leather Jackets: An Ultimate Guide!

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Master the Art of Wearing Colored Leather Jackets

When you think of a leather jacket, many automatically think of the colour black or brown. After all, these are the classic colours when it comes to leather. As great as a stylish brown or black jacket is, there are other colours available as well.

Lusso Leather produces finely crafted leather jackets in a number of different shades that can all give that extra touch to your particular style. As mentioned in their outfit guide, the best leather jackets for men can be styled by a man, however they like, and have plenty of options, but women have a greater variety of outfits to choose from.

Let’s delve into some of the different colours our jackets come in and how you might wear them to look your best.

The Black Leather Jacket

Black Leather Jacket


Let’s start with the classic—the black leather jacket. It’s an icon from the early days of the motorcycle crowd and the rebels, and its popularity has led to the development of motorcycle suits specifications. It has been a symbol of rock n’ roll since the beginning but it can look equally good paired with dress clothes for work or dinner. A timeless look for men or women can include a white shirt and blue or black jeans or slacks, but for riders, a motorcycle suit is an essential piece of equipment that can provide both style and protection on the road.

The Brown Jacket

Brown Leather Jacket

The brown leather jacket, as suggested in a women's leather jacket style guide, is just about as classic as the black perhaps even more so since brown is often the natural color of the tanned hide the leather is made from. In fact, brown leather has been worn by people for eons! Back to modern times, a brown leather jacket is a stylish garment that can be casual while still adding class to your look.

When it comes to styling a leather jacket for women, especially a brown one, it is a versatile option. It works well with many things, but easy options include pairing it with blue or black jeans, grey, and white. A sweater or denim shirt is an excellent choice for completing the look.

Go with Red

Red Leather Jacket


Tired of the tried and true black or brown jacket? Ready to add some colour to spice things up a notch? Then you should definitely consider a sharp new red leather jacket. Red is the colour of power, of energy, of strength and passion. Sports cars look great in red for a reason, and so will you! If you’re a woman or a man, red is a bold colour that will look great on you. This jacket pairs well with items that are black, white, or blue denim.

Blue is Bold

Blue Leather Jacket

We’ve gone over black, brown, and red, but how about a leather jacket that will truly stand out as a sharp and unique item: blue! Yes, blue is a color that looks fantastic in leather. Blue looks especially great with black and white, but tan and denim work well too. We love blue leather jackets because of how unique they are. On a man or woman, blue is a great option.

Leather Jackets in Other Colours

Leather Jackets in Other Colours

Here at Lusso Leather, we use the best leather available in many different colours. Do you already own a classic black, brown, red, or blue leather jacket? Perhaps incorporating a new color, as suggested in a leather jackets style guide, will rejuvenate your wardrobe and breathe new life into your personal style.

Browse through our site and you’ll find stylish white, grey, green, patterned jackets, and more. We are passionate about crafting the highest quality and most stylish jackets which come in many colours and designs. We’re sure you will be satisfied with your new jacket from Lusso Leather.

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