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Motorcycle riding has always been about freedom and individuality. Experience custom leathers that are handcrafted by our artisans and inspired by your taste.

Be different and unique by creating your very own custom suit with a tailored fit.

100% Custom designed from scratch for the casual rider to the pro racer. You dream it and we will make it.

Custom Lettering

Customize your jacket or suit with custom text and logos/ images. Your name, lucky number and your favorite logos or images can be applied to your jacket or suit to make it even more unique.

1. Direct Printing

2. Leather Patch with printing

3. Leather cut with printing

4. Embroidery patch

1. Direct Printing

2. Leather Patch with printing

3. Leather cut with printing

4. Embroidery patch

1. Direct Printing

2. Leather Patch with printing

3. Leather cut with printing

4. Embroidery patch

Guaranteed to Fit

Guaranteed to Fit

We are not born as standard sizes so why wear standard sized clothing?

A perfectly fitted Jacket or Suit is imperative for protection during a crash AND looking good while doing it!

We use your body measurements from 24 points on your body to ensure the Suit is tailored to for you specific body proportions.


Ladies - We got you covered as well!

Perfect balance of design, glamour and protection.

If you are looking for gear that's actually fitted for women and does'nt look like youre wearing men's gear. Ideal for those looking to have a women's touch to their gear.

Ladies Jackets

Looking for Custom Tailored leathers for Youth, Kids or Toddlers?

Save Your Skin

Broken bones and Road rash are the most common injuries sustained by motorcycle riders

Advanced Safety Stiching Methods

The structural seams of a leather suit is what makes or breaks it. In accordance with ISO4916

The structural seams on our suits are not double stitched or triple stitched, they are stitched 5 times to ensure the seams do not come apart during a crash.

These stitching methods providesdurablity, protection and flexibility where you need it along with great abrasion and tear resistance.

Advanced Safety Stiching Methods
Design Assistance

Design Assistance

Get assistance with your custom design with free mockups. Free consultation for your very own custom designed gear and custom logos.

We will mock up the design with the logos and only start making it once you approve it.

Stitching Methods With Real Photos

Industry Standard Certified Armor protectors

Industry Standard Certified Armor Protectors

The armor protectors are built with thermoplastic polyurethane. It provides high resilience, resistance to abrasion, and good compression set properties.

The insert pouches for the armor are compatible with other armor protectors as well so its easily switchable.


1. Custom Color combinations

Custom Color combinations – Full grain 1.2-1.3 mm Cowhide leather for high abrasion and tear resistance. Thick and heavy duty but soft leather.

2. Lining- Mesh

Lining- Mesh Lining with rubber padding – Mesh breathable lining

3. Neoprene Collar and cuffs

Neoprene Collar and cuffs- Enhanced comfort during riding. Provides cushioning and protection.

4. Stretch panels

Stretch panels- To increase flexibility and comfort in riding position. Provides cushioning and protection. Outsanding physical toughness and water resistant.

5. Bonded Nylon Threads

Bonded Nylon Threads- A strength-enhancing resin is coated on the outside of the thread. This increases the tensile strength and helps reduce friction

6. YKK coil zippers

YKK coil zippers


Reflective piping

Waterproof Leather

Perforated Leather Panels

Speed Hump

Chest Protector

Racing Knee Sliders

Air Vents

Chest Protector

Racing Knee Sliders

Air Vents

Our Process

Step 1- Design Consultation

Unleash your creativity with the help of our designers. Choose your colors, accessories and add ons to create a garment uniquely yours.

Step 2- Measurements

Years of experience is required to transform the body measurement numbers into a garment that’s fitted perfectly to your unique body shape. We take measurements of up to 23 points to ensure the garment is tailored perfectly.

Step 3- Pattern Drafting

process of creating a pattern by taking measurements from a person, in order to then create a foundation, which is a pattern used as the basis for the design. It is the template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut out and assembled.

Step 4- Cutting

This is where the leather is cut into panels according to the pattern template.

Step 5- Advanced Safety Stitching

The jacket or suit is assembled together and constructed by skilled artisans that follow strict guidelines and stitching methods.

Step 6- Logo Printing

Custom logos screen printed on leather to make it uniquely yours.

Step 7- Custom Lettering cut on leather

Letters are cut by hand on leather using templates and sewn on the garments.

Step 8- Quality Check

How does our suit hold up during a crash?


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