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10 Movies Made Better by Leather

Posted by Avi grondin on

Some movies would not have the same impact without leather. Today we'll chronicle 10 great movies that just wouldn't be the same without leather.
Mad Max
There’s something about leather in Mad Max that just sticks with you. It could be the heat. The styles are so essential that AMC did a quick fashion recap. Check it out for some good laughs.

Pulp Fiction

Aside from the leather briefcase which some say contains Samuel Jackson’s soul, there are at least two major leather items in this movie which you should be familiar with. The first is Jules’ leather ‘Bad Mother F***er’ wallet. Jules carries it around because he is one bad mother. The second is the gimp suit. When Bruce Willis saves his enemy from a terrible situation, he is freed from his circumstances. In this case leather plays the role of restraint and eventual freedom.

The Matrix

Everybody’s wearing leather, and they all know kung fu. From Trinity’s shining leather trench coat to Zion’s dress code, leather is everywhere. It’s no wonder that everyone is wearing leather in the apocalypse, however. Leather would be the best outfit for close quarters combat, flexibility, stealth, and style. Neo couldn’t have worn corduroy because it would have made no damn sense!


It seems that every major motorcycle hero wears leather. It makes perfect sense since it’s the minimal recommended attire for save motorcycle riding. It follows Kaneda as his friend Testuo acquires psychic powers. You really can’t have a good psychic movie without leather. Seriously, can you name one?

You can’t have a time-travelling artificially intelligent menace without leather. This is a known fact. Not to say that leather necessarily made this movie, but it just works. Why do so many directors choose leather when the situation heats up?

Sin City

The films and comics feature leather heavily. They combine both the film noir and medieval themes of the works through fabric. Marv is a great example in that he is an imposing and ugly figure who wears leather pants. Although I have no idea how deeply authors consider their characters’ clothing, I think the choice of leather here suggests realist values. Characters are no nonsense and face gruesome situations head on.

Ghost in the Shell

Motoko is a badass, pure and simple. As a full-on cyborg she is not to be trifled with. Not only is she wicked strong but she’s wicked smart too. Any chance she’d be wearing a fur coat? Don’t think so.

Kill Bill

As mentioned in another post the killer heroine is Beatrix Kiddo wears the leather jacket well. Behind all her furious punches and kicks was an outfit of leather.

Rebel Without a Cause

If the title doesn’t explain it, then let me give it a try. Leather is the go to choice for people out on their own. The individual who somehow got stuck. In this movie Jim, the main character, keeps getting caught up by one circumstance after another. Plus, what could be cooler than James Dean in leather?

My Cousin Vinny

Tough talking lawyer meets southern sentimentality. It takes real grit to learn the rules all over again. Vinny Gambini knows how to make things happen. He wears leather too. Sometimes leather can be funny.
Honorable Mention

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