What Is Bicast Leather?

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What Is Bicast Leather

Bicast is known as bi-cast or by-cast leather, which is made up of split leather with the covering of an embossed layer of vinyl and polythene. It was first utilized in the glossy shoe business. General synthetic materials like bicast leather are used to make a variety of consumer products, such as leather bags, wallets, and furniture.  

Is bi-cast leather real? Although it is a real substance, bi-cast leather is not quite real leather. It is split leather with a layer of vinyl or polyurethane added to the surface to give it a real and unique appearance. Although it may have some real leather-like qualities, its aging and durability properties are not the same as those of real leather; their quality is quite different.

You will discover what bi-cast leather is. In this post, you are going to learn about bicast leather, revealing its production process and setting it apart from real leather. We will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of bicast leather and bicast leather uses, assisting readers in making decisions when they want to use such materials for different purposes. Moreover, after reading this article, you will get a valuable perspective on the ethical and environmental implications linked to the manufacturing process of bi-cast leather.

Composition of Bicast Leather

Split leather, or a bottom layer of animal skin, is removed while making real leather; that layer is the main ingredient that is used to make bicast leather. After that, a polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) covering is used on that material to give it a shiny, glossy, smooth appearance like aniline leather. Additionally, this coating strengthens the material's resilience and durability, making it appropriate for everyday use.

Advantages of Bicast Leather

The price point of bi-cast leather is the main and essential advantage. Bicast leather is more affordable than real or suede leather, which makes it a more profitable decision for the purchasers. Bicast leather is also stain and scratch-resistant, which will make it an ideal option for everyday use when you are at home with children and animals. Stains can be removed easily thanks to the protective coating, which also prevents the surface from being permanently stained.

Disadvantages of Bicast Leather

Although bicast leather has many benefits, certain drawbacks should be taken into account. A primary worry relates to its longevity. Bicast leather cannot last you for a long period of time like real leather products because it is made up of split leather, so it's not stronger than full-grain leather. The covering may ultimately start to peel or shatter, exposing the inner layer, which is split leather. Bicast leather has to be maintained and properly taken care of in order to make it prolonged and best for everyday use.

Bicast Leather vs. Genuine Leather

When we are comparing bicast leather vs genuine leather It’s important to consider the variations in source, materials, and cost between bicast and real leather. While bicast leather merely utilizes the split layer of the animal's hide, real leather is created using the full hide. This difference has an influence on the fabric's cost and quality. Because of its greater quality and characteristic potential, real leather is mostly a bit more pricey than other leathers; however, bi-cast leather provides a more affordable alternative with almost the same appearance.

FAQs: What is Bicast Leather

Is bi-cast leather good?

Many people find bi-cast leather to be an excellent selection because of its advantages. For those looking for a less expensive substitute to real or nubuck leather, its smooth exterior, stain, and scratch resistance, and affordability make it an amazing choice for every class. It's necessary to remember that bicast leather cannot be as durable as real leather and might need more maintenance and care.

How long will bi-cast leather last?

Bicast leather's lifespan may vary depending on several variables, including care, use, and the competence of the manufacturing process. Products made with bi-cast leather may last for many years with the right care. But, in order to prevent the material from deteriorating too soon, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer's advice for maintenance and keep it away from extreme heat and direct sunlight.

Does bicast leather peel?

The top layer on bi-cast leather may vanish or peel with time, particularly if improper maintenance is neglected. This process may be enhanced by practices like going outside while wearing your bi-cast leather bag in extreme sun exposure or hard handling. Regular washing and conditioning of the leather may prevent the material from peeling.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least, are you curious to know what is bicast leather is? It is an affordable substitute for real leather, composed of a synthetic substance derived from split leather. Its stain and scratch resistance, smooth surface, and affordable price point will be beneficial for every kind of consumer. While we have nappa leather which is also glossy like bicast leather, It's important to know that bi-cast leather cannot be as long-lasting as cowhide leather and that proper maintenance and care are required to extend its life. Thus, knowing the pros and cons of bi-cast leather can allow you to make an educated decision about whether you're shopping for a beautiful handbag or a new couch.

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