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Though ecommerce is one the fastest growing sectors of the economy, it can still be a little scary buying a leather jacket online. After all, a leather jacket can be a pricey investment.

We have been there ourselves as online consumers. But my experiences have always been better with smaller companies that sell products they are passionate about and who will go out of the way to make the shopping experience a pleasant one.

We are a small business based in Canada.....

  that doesn't have a multimillion dollar budget for marketing but what we do have is a genuine passion for quality leather products such as Jackets, belts, bags. We specialize in Custom made to order leather products where personalization options are endless. We believe you should never settle for anything less than perfect.

Personal Attention to Details, Handmade to order.....

because we are so small, each of us personally sees your order process right all the way through to the delivery. This gives the customer the opportunity to customize the designs to suit your desire. Every customer is valued and taken care of. Customize any style and personalize it. Enjoy handcrafted excellence with quality to last for a lifetime. This is difference between us and cheap mass production units. Choose from different qualities of leather to suit your budget.  

Reponsible Leather Production and Ethical Manufacturing.....

All the leather sourced is a byproduct of meat and farming industry. All leather is sourced from sustainable practices. We are commited to ethical manufacturing practices. We stand against abusive wages and child labor and believe it to be a violation our ethics. Our facility is absouletly safe to work in and well maintained.

Reponsible to Our Customers.....

  All Lusso Leather products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Our customer service team is always on call and can be reached via phone or email anytime.

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