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What's so Great About Leather Jackets?

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What’s so Great About Leather Jackets?

Have you been living under a rock? Leather jackets are possibly the coolest apparel out there. People from Bruce Lee to Albert Einstein wore leather jackets, and you can too. If you are here, you must have missed the memo on leather jackets. Let’s spell it out for you.

Leather jackets are durable, just like the people that wear them. They protect the wearer from the outside with a cushion of what once was dead animal skin. When you wear a leather jacket, you feel like you’re wearing flexible armor. You are.

They are timeless. For some reason, humans love leather. It could be the way the fabric looks and the way it ages. They love the way their jacket conforms to their body over time. Leather jackets tell a story.

Leather work is an art. The leather industry, and even the mass production of leather, are based on a plethora of techniques to create high quality leather. Japan, a country undergoing a style revolution, is seeing the rise of leather craftsman. This new breed is a testament to the art of leather work. The history of leather is a history of wearable art.

Look, if you haven’t figured out that leather jackets are cool, you’ve got a lot to learn. When you buy one, buy one you like, and if you can, get it tailored to suit your body. Wear it with your favorite shirts, and some jeans. They work with almost anything, you really can’t fail. All that you need to do with your leather jacket is enjoy wearing it and enjoy the trouble it gets you in. Stay sharp.


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