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How You Can Easily Make Leather The Focus Of A Chic Summer Wardrobe

Posted by Hannan Hassan on

How You Can Easily Make Leather The Focus Of A Chic Summer Wardrobe

Unsurprisingly, warm weather leather trends are predicted to be big this spring and summer. Whether you’re planning to attend a summer music festival or simply hang out with friends in the city, there are a number of ways that leather can play a stylish role in your wardrobe, without being overbearingly hot to wear. From a minimalistic leather bag to the classic leather jacket, here’s how you can style a few leather staples to fit a chic yet casual aesthetic. 

The classic leather jacket

Black leather motorcycle style jackets are well regarded to be a classic, and can be a great way to stay warm on those cooler, rainy summer days — especially when paired with your favorite style of jeans. Kendall Jenner is just one celeb who’s been seen wearing leather jackets time and time again, often pairing the classic piece with jeans and a casual top underneath — thus proving it to be a timeless piece. When looking for a chic, higher fashion look for summer, however, pairing a black leather jacket with a floral skirt and pastel shirt can be a great way to achieve a high style look while still keeping it casual enough to wear to the bar or a nice dinner out. 

Dressing up leather pants

Leather pants often get a bad rap, but they can easily add a fashionable element to any outfit. One great way to style them is to pair them with a solid colored v-neck t-shirt, which will easily bring a casual element to the outfit — especially when the shirt is made of organic cotton, which is an eco-friendly and natural fabric known for its comfort. Putting a blazer over top of the shirt is another option, and will allow for an even classier “business chic” fashion statement, depending on the destination. Christina Aguilera is just one celeb who’s been rocking the trend for quite some time, recently sharing a picture of herself wearing flared leather pants and pairing them with bright yellow nails and high heels, along with a Dior saddle belt for a chic high-fashion look.

Minimalism with a leather bag

While many may be hesitant to wear leather on the hottest of summer days, carrying a leather bag can make for the perfect way to incorporate the material into your wardrobe this summer, especially if you’re looking to keep things minimalistic. Paulina Liffner von Sydow, founder and creative director of Little Liffner, notes that even though it’s more of a long term trend, “minimalism feels more relevant than ever for 2021.” Whether you opt for a tote bag or a small leather crossbody, there’s a bag out there for any occasion.

While leather is often seen as a staple in colder weather, there are a number of ways that you can incorporate it into your summer wardrobe too. From a stylish bag to the timeless black leather jacket, there are endless options to ensure a chic yet casual style that’s fit for any setting.

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